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What do you need to make a quotation?

To make a quotation, which will be adequate and sufficiently competitive, we need 3 things:
1. Product drawing or 3D model data file or product sample. If none of these are available, we need at least an ordinary sketch with the most critical dimensions of the product on it.
2. What Kind of plastic resin you are going to use in manufacturing or an idea of the durability of the product (what the product is or does).
3. Estimated quantity of the product needed in a period of time (i.e. one month or year) and how many products in total you are going to make.

Do you sign non-disclose agreement?

Yes. We fully understand the innovation of your design. It is our policy to comply with customer's requests for non-disclosure agreements. If we don't get your permission, we would never disclose any information of your products or company to the third party and any copy would be definitely prohibited.

Have you ever made prototype,insert mould, outsert mould or overmould?

Yes. We have provided diversity moulds like home application for prototype in several weeks,mobile phone's front cover for insert mould, DVD chassis for outsert mould and power tool for overmould.

Do you build hot runner moulds?

Yes, general speaking 30% of moulds we made were hot runner moulds. We built hot runner moulds and were familiar with many different hot runner systems such as DME, Mold Master, Mastertip, Hasco, Yudo and Husky, etc. The hot runner accessories for your mould will be carefully selected to meet your needs.

How long does it take to build an injection mould?

It varies a little depending on product size and complexity of its shape, generally a middle size moulds are built in 25~30 days lead time.

How did you pack up and ship the mould?

When the mould have been finalized, rust resistent ointment will be paint onto the surfaces, pack the mould with PVC bags, then load it into iron box. Accessories attached will be: 1. Related electrode 2. Locating ring 3. Mould locking sets and other necessary accessories.

How will you send out samples to us?

The quotation we submit to you including the cost of sample delivery for T1 sample. We send sample by DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT. It takes 2-4 days to deliver to Europe and USA, normally we will follow customer's instructions to send out the sample to its consignee.

Is it possible without a visit in your company to know whether my mould is being built on schedule?

On client's requests we are giving a detailed mould-building schedule and send weekly reports. The reports may have digital pictures that show the progress of work.

What is the life expectancy of moulds?

Mould life depends the most on the kind of tooling steel used, the precision of mould building and mould maintenance quality during production. Usually plastic injection moulds can stand without problem 500 thousand shots and die casting moulds 50 thousand shots. The life expectancy can be lengthened or shortened by choosing appropriate steel. Libao is always guarantying its moulds life.

How can I get after service from Juxing mould?

If there is a problem that has to be serviced under the warranty obligation, a change has to be done to the mould on customer's request, the necessary preparations are done in our factory. And we will offer all the electrodes and one set of spare parts for free.

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